For rescue, adoption, animal shelters or to re-home a cat, the first site to visit is for information and for a directory of service providers that may assist you.

We've gotten to know a few special cats needing homes, meet them here.

heaven can wait animal society

We Proudly Support Heaven Can Wait!

We encourage you to visit the "Heaven Can Wait Sanctuary" website at to learn about their amazing accomplishments since their inception in 2000. Heaven Can Wait is dedicated to end unnecessary euthanasia of so many unwanted dogs and cats in Las Vegas. They have created many innovative programs that support the pet overpopulation problem in Las Vegas.

If you are thinking about adopting a new cat or dog, Heaven Can Wait is a wonderful place to begin. They have adorable pets on display at several Petsmart stores in Las Vegas and on their website, that are ready to go to a new home.

Lost your pet? Here are 10 tips to help you.

Need to find a new home for your pet? We have some tips here.

Below is a listing of local rescue organizations:

cat boarding las vegas Please keep in mind that many of the rescue organizations are overwhelmed with the amount of animals that already require their attention.

They also receive hundreds of phone calls daily. These groups often have many animals that are ready for adoption, and/or can provide advice and assistance when trying to find a new home for a cat.

Please consider posting your cat on neighborhood forums, like, as many people in your area will consider helping you. is great resource with information about many animal organizations in Las Vegas!

Heaven Can Wait Sanctuary  ph# (702) 227-5555

Nevada Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals  ph# (702) 873-7722  

Las Vegas Valley Humane Society   ph# (702) 434-2009

Hearts Alive Village  702.870.0065

Best Friends Adoption and Retirement (Utah)  ph# (435) 644-2001

Betty Honns Adoptions,  ph# (702) 361-2484 

Spay Our Strays (S.O.S)  ph# (702) 363-8616

F.O.F.F. (Friends Of Feral Felines)  ph# (702) 203-4134

Adopt A Rescue Pet (ARP) ph# (702) 798-8663 

Homeward Bound Cat Adoptions  ph# (702) 533-3440 or (702) 232-6732

Community Cat Coalition of Clark County (C5)  ph# (702) 582-5867

The Animal Foundation (aka Lied Animal Shelter)  ph # (702) 384-3333

Henderson Animal Shelter ph# (702) 267-4970

Boulder City Animal Shelter ph# (702) 293-9283

Amor Peludo Las VegasAmor Peludo Las Vegas

Call (702) 257-3222 today to learn more!

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