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At All About Cats Veterinary Hospital, we work closely with our cat owners to ensure the very highest level of care is available. If there is any question about the care your cat needs or why your cat may not feel well, please call our team for an appointment. Schedule an appointment with your veterinarian in Las Vegas to discuss why your cat is vomiting.

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Why Cats Vomit

Cats vomit for the same reason humans do. In some situations, it can be due to something they've eaten that cannot be digested. This is very common with cats because of the amount of fur they ingest. In other situations, viruses or bacteria can lead to digestive problems or illnesses that cause vomiting. It is possible that vomiting is a result of a more serious health condition. This can happen in situations where pancreatitis, inflammatory bowel disease, constipation, parasitic infections, or liver disease occur.

When Should You Take Your Pet in for Vomiting

While occasional vomit is inevitable, we recommend calling our team whenever your pet is recurrently vomiting. However, in some situations, you should not wait to call for help. For example, if your pet is vomiting significantly or numerous times in a short period of time, this can lead to dehydration very quickly. If your pet is vomiting blood, do not wait. Cats that are vomiting yellow, green or other colored fluid should also receive immediate care. If your cat has any other signs of illness or is lethargic, do not wait to call for an appointment.

Chronic Hairball Problems

Cats groom themselves routinely, which causes them to swallow hair. The hair either gets passed through the intestines in the stool, or is vomited.The amount of hair ingested varies depending on the cats hair length and the time of year. Its normal for cats to vomit hair a few times a month. However, when vomiting hairballs is very frequent, it may be time to discuss the matter with your veterinarian. Owners may be advised to increase grooming efforts for their cats. Some health problems can result in greater hair loss, and your vet can advise you about health screening tests as well as supplements or medications to improve the coat and reduce vomiting.

Foreign Materials

Cats often play with and ingest a variety of foreign materials that can cause obstructions in the intestinal tract. The feline intestinal tract is only 1.5 to 2.0 cm. in diameter, so small objects can easily become a problem. Items such as bells from toys, foam earplugs or rubber doorstop tips can lodge in the intestines. Strings, ribbons, rubber bands, dental floss and even thread with the needles attached can become an obstruction.

Because of the small size of feline intestines, cat owners should be particularly careful with items, such as hair ties. Because of the shape and appearance of these accessories, cats can find them very attractive, often chewing on them. However, the hair ties may contain elastic, metal and other hazardous materials. These items do not pass easily through the cat’s intestines and can become lodged, creating an obstruction. If you use these items, find a convenient method for storing them and do not leave them around where your cat can play with them.

Prevention Tips for Reducing Vomiting

You can help prevent your cat from developing an intestinal obstruction by implementing a few safety measures.

  • Organize your home to keep obstructive items out of reach
  • Monitor your cat and prevent chewing on hazardous items
  • Get pet insurance if your cat shows a habit of chewing hazardous items.

Come to Your Cat Hospital Las Vegas for Help with Vomiting

Any pet vomiting for more than a day or vomiting more than once in an hour may need immediate help. When you need a cat hospital, Las Vegas residents can depend on All About Cats Veterinary Hospital for immediate help for vomiting. Don't wait to get your cat the care he or she needs. Call: (702) 257-3222.

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