Medicating Your Cat in Las Vegas, NV

Las Vegas Cat Medication How am I going to give that to my cat?!

We know how difficult medicating your cat can be! To assist your efforts, start by reviewing the tips,advice and videos presented here and feel free to call us for additional support.

Please be patient with your cat, and with yourself, as administering medication to cats can be a challenge to learn and to master! The method and tools used will need to be customized to fit each individual cat's personality.

Video: Giving your Cat a Pill or Capsule

Video: Giving your Cat Liquid Medications

We carry medications in many varieties to make it easier to give to your cat. Please contact us if you feel that a different style of medication will work better for your cat:

  • Tablets or Capsules
  • Powder medications which can be mixed into canned cat food or diluted with water (or flavored broth) and administered with a dropper or syringe
  • Liquid medications that are custom flavored with chicken, fish, or beef
  • Special formulas which are applied topically and absorb through the skin
  • We carry empty gelatin capsules can be used to hide bitter tasting pills
  • We also carry "Pill Pockets" which hide a pill inside a yummy treat

Cat medication pill pocket

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