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If you have never visited All About Cats Veterinary Hospital, you may not realize just how cat-friendly our practice truly is -- so let's take a quick tour of the facility. The first thing you'll notice is that fact that our feline guests have a clear view of the reception area from inside the boarding facility. This in itself provides a continuing source of fascination for your cat, because he watches the comings and goings of cats and their people during his stay with us. He will enjoy the spacious two-room suite with the glass-front door and the elevated resting benches provided. Note the large flat-screen TV; we keep it running with all kinds of cat-friendly programming for even more entertainment value during the day. The overall effect resembles a vacation resort rather than a boarding center, and that's the exact feeling we want to convey to your cat.

Another advantage of our cat-friendly facility is the quiet, calm peaceful atmosphere your pet will enjoy every time he visits us, whether for an extended stay or a brief examination. You can see how serene our examinations rooms look with their comfortable seating and inviting design. Your cat will never feel agitated or afraid because of dogs or other animals making noise or running around -- as our name suggests, we serve cats and only cats! At the same time, your cat will get regular playtime, which gives him a chance to receive his daily portion of exercise, affection and just plain fun. If he has any special veterinary needs, you can rest assured that our Las Vegas veterinarian will see to them as well.

Now that you've seen the pictures, why not experience the real thing? Come visit All About Cats Veterinary Hospital and see the difference a cat-friendly practice can make in giving your feline a happier time at the vet!

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