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Comfortable and Stress-Free Cat Boarding in Las Vegas

Stress Free Cat Boarding in Las VegasAt All About Cats Veterinary Hospital, we have designed our facility and veterinary services to focus exclusively on cats. Keeping feline companions healthy is our mission, and a part of the health of a cat is ensuring that their needs are well met throughout their life.

Located in Las Vegas, our facility has three veterinarians on staff to care for any cat health issue. Cat owners going out of town can confidentally use our cat boarding service with the knowledge that our cat vets are able to address any issue that arises while the cat is in our care.

Since cat boarding at our vet is doctor supervised, cats with special needs like mobility problems, needing medication daily, or having diet restrictions are able to get the extra attention that they need. Every staff member is trained to handle cats gently and to work with all different cat personalities.

Our boarding facility and veterinary hospital is tailored to the needs of cats, so we can ensure that both short and long term stays with us are both comfortable and stress-free for all cats. Cats staying in our cat-only boarding facility are able to watch the activity happening in the reception area of the hospital. Being able to see the activity in the reception area and the rest of the boarding area keeps the cats stimulated and feeling secure. If a cat has a specific need, our cat loving staff will do what they can to accommodate that need.

Cat Boarding Inside Our Veterinary HospitalScarlett in cat bed

Our cat boarding facility offers an oasis of calm for cats that may be missing their humans. Each cat gets their own glass fronted two-room suite for lounging. Each feline suite has an elevated bench for cat naps, and there is always a cat vet nearby to deal with emergencies. The main room of each suite measures 2'x2'x2.5' with an elevated resting bench measuring 2.5'x1'.
The attached second room of each suite is a private, comforting space measuring 1.5'x1'x1'. If two cats enjoy boarding together, they can both share adjoining 2-room suites totalling a deluxe four-room suite.

We provide all necessary bedding, food dishes, toys, high quality dry and canned cat food and filtered water while cats are boarding with us. Cat owners also can bring their cat's usual foods and treats to help keep everything as routine as possible for their cat while away from home. If a cat is on a special diet, it must be provided by the cat's owner with specific instructions.

Each family of cats is offered individual play time outside of thier suite(s) at least once per day. Toys, catnip and scratching posts are all provided during play time. Suites are cleaned every morning, with continuous monitoring for needed touch-ups and litter box cleaning throughout each day.

Our cat vets have designed the facility with the goal to make each cat comfortable. All of our cat suites are ventilated to prevent the spread of any contagious air borne diseases. The ventilation system is a unique and special feature of our cat boarding facility. Since our boarding facility is cat only, there is no barking or frightening smells from dogs.

By removing any stress from dogs, we have created a home-like environment for our guests. Additionally, we have a large TV in the boarding area that plays cat nature videos that cats can watch and listen to. Always under the watchful eye of our caring staff and vets, cat owners can rest easy knowing that their cat is safe and comfortable. Every day the entire staff including the veterinarians visit each cat allowing an opportunity to evaluate and discuss how each cat is feeling while away from home.

Doing "Rounds" daily offers an ability for everyone in our staff to share information and suggestions to ensure a comfortable and healthy stay for each feline guest.

Cat under televisionWhile a feline companion is boarded at our Las Vegas facility, we can perform other services for them like cat grooming, annual checkups and immunizations. We are cautious not to "over do it" so our feline guests can try to relax while here.

Important guidelines for boarding at All About Cats:

Pre-payment of all estimated charges is due at check-in.

An annual examination performed by one of our veterinarians is required for your cat to be eligible to board with us.

We unfortunately cannot board cats for longer than 30 days.

We require male cats over 6 months of age to be neutered.

If you won't be reachable while away, you are required to select an emergency contact person who can make decisions for you.

Cat owners in Las Vegas needing a cat hospital and cat-only boarding services, are invited to visit us at All About Cats. We know what cats need and we provide excellent care to all felines that are brought in to see us.

Call or email us with any questions or to schedule a boarding appointment.

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