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At our All About Cats Veterinary Hospital, we cater to felines exclusively. Keeping cats safe and healthy is our priority. Our mission is to help our companions by meeting their nutritional, physical and emotional needs throughout their life span.

We understand owners are sometimes nervous about boarding their feline companions. Here are some of the most common questions we hear from first-time cat boarding clients.

Q. What type of training does your boarding staff have?

A. Our veterinarians supervise care and our staff members are fully trained to spot unusual behaviors and symptoms your cat may be in distress, and provide gentle, compassionate care in your absence. Plus, everyone is qualified to work with multiple personality styles from the shyest cat to the most unruly.

Q. My diabetic cat takes insulin. Can you handle special health needs?

A. We complete a full health record for every guest admitted to our cat boarding facility. Our veterinarians are made aware of special dietary restrictions, medication requirements and exercise/stimulation needs, ensuring medically challenged and physically impaired cats are given the extra care and attention they need while you’re away. Our staff members are skilled in administering medications to cats.

Q. My cat gets stressed out in a new environment. How will you handle that?

A. Everyone gets a little stressed when traveling away from home. We provide a quiet and secure place for your cat to get acclimated, and usually cats “settle in” within 24 to 48 hours and start acting like they are at home. Our boarding area is designed to relieve stress and stimulate your cat. A large television plays video and audio appealing to feline senses and each family of cat(s) gets daily playtime outside of their cage to explore and stretch their legs.

Q. Do I need to bring food and personal belongings?

A. Nutritional dry/canned cat food, bedding, toys, feeding dishes and filtered water are provided. Special dietary supplements and food are the owner’s responsibility. All About Cats Veterinarian Hospital uses your specific feeding instructions. You may choose to bring your own food and treats to keep the daily routine as close to normal as possible.

Q. What kind of kennels do you use?

A. The cat suites in our boarding facility are designed to keep your cat comfy and well-stimulated. Our unique ventilation system continuously circulates fresh air through the suites which minimizes the spread of contagious airborne illnesses. Each suite is glass fronted to allow our feline guests to see the reception area. The main room or each suite is 2’ X 2’ X 2’5” and includes a raised resting bench that is 2’5” X 12”. The private quarters measure 1’5” X 1’ X 1’. We accommodate two cats from the same family with attaching suites so they can be together in an expanded four-room suite.

Q. How often will you check on my cat?

A. Our staff does a housekeeping visit to each boarder every morning. Changing the bedding, cleaning the litter box and feeding are the morning routine. Additionally, our staff is checking on your cat throughout the day, monitoring your cat for any changes in behavior, appetite, or needs that may arise including changing bedding or litter boxes as needed. In addition to interacting with your cat, veterinary care professionals will note your cat’s activity at least twice each day in medical records known as cage cards. Also, the entire staff visits each boarder every day at “Rounds” to discuss how they are doing and share information. This communication amongst staff members helps ensure proper health and well being of your feline friend while boarding.

Q. Do you offer complementary services?

A. Although we try not to overwhelm your cat during his or her stay with too many add-on services, we can complete physical exams and administer routine vaccinations during the stay.

If you have questions, please feel free to call our Las Vegas hospital and cat boarding facility to schedule a walk through visit or talk with our doctors about your concerns.

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