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All About Cats Veterinary Hospital is the premier facility where you can connect with a Las Vegas veterinarian for cats who understands the special needs of your feline friend. Our veterinarians offer comprehensive, experienced, and compassionate care for cats only. An important area of your cat's health that deserves special attention is its coat and skin. And while cats are generally pretty scrupulous when it comes to cleaning themselves (how else do we explain all those hairballs?), your cat may require some extra grooming from time to time to ensure its fur and skin stay healthy. Our Las Vegas vet staff gets a lot of questions about cat grooming. Read on to learn more.

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Cat Grooming FAQs

Do I need to groom my cat at home?

In general, you should be regularly trimming your cat's nails and brushing his or her fur. Trimmed nails are safer for your cat, not only will they be comfortable from not having long outgrown nails, but your furniture could be safe from their scratches. Regular brushing helps prevent tangles and is necessary for an average outdoor cat, depending on how long their fur is.

How often do I need to groom my cat?

Frequency depends on the rate of nail growth and length/amount of fur, but expect to do your grooming routine around once a week for nails and multiple times a week (for short-haired cats) or daily (for long-haired cats) for brushing and combing.

Which cat grooming tools should I use?

Always use tools that are vet-approved and pet-friendly. At our facility, we have several brushes and nail trimmers available for purchase, and we can give you specific tips and recommendations on how to use and which ones to get based on your cat's needs. Our selection includes:

  • Nail trimmers
  • Medium or fine combs, to remove tangles and debris (best on short-haired cats and for searching for fleas and ticks)
  • Slicker brushes, to help remove mats and tangles (best on animals with thick outer coats and soft undercoats)
  • Undercoat rakes, to remove the loose undercoat (best for animals with a lot of hair)
  • Zoom Grooms, to remove loose hair and massage the skin (good for promoting blood flow and natural oil production)
  • Furminator, to remove the loose undercoat without damaging the outer coat (good to minimize shedding)

Do cats need baths?

Typically, no. If kept indoors, cats do a pretty good job keeping their selves clean. If your cat is an indoor/outdoor cat, has a certain health condition affecting its coat, or gets into something they shouldn't, then bathing your cat may be necessary on occasion. The ASPCA offers several helpful grooming tips, including how to bathe your cat at home.

If you are not comfortable bathing your cat, look for a professional pet groomer who has a lot of experience working with cats.

What is matted fur?

Matted fur looks like tiny clumps of fur or dreadlocks. They feel like little lumps and could often be mistaken as tumors. The best way to prevent matted cats is by regularly brushing and combing your cat's fur, but even the most diligent pet owners may occasionally find a mat on their cat. Do not attempt to cut the matted fur with scissors, this can cause more harm than good. We offer services for shaving mats depending on the severity, contact us if you run into this issue.

What should I do if my cat's fur becomes matted?

If you find a mat in your cat's fur, do not attempt to cut it out with scissors as you may accidentally cut your cat's skin. Often time, owners with good intentions accidentally inflict pain or cause lacerations on their cat. If you are comfortable, you can use an electric shaver to remove the mat or ask your groomer to do it. Severe mats and tangles can be removed with a full body shave, which our staff can do with your animal under anesthesia or not.

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