Kitten Wellness Package

Kitten “Wellness” Package* $340 (a $100 savings!) For Kittens Under 6 months old.

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Each of the services described below is included!

EXAMINATIONS (up to three) Most kittens require several monthly visits to complete the necessary kitten vaccine series. At each visit you and your kitten will meet with the doctor. You can ask about feeding options, behavioral problems, training, or anything that has come up since adoption. The doctor will perform a physical exam on your kitten at each visit. She will evaluate overall health and confirm that your kitten is developing normally.

FECAL EXAM FOR PARASITES (up to two) We will examine a stool sample microscopically to check for parasites. This is an important test because parasites are not only detrimental to your kitten's health, but some parasites are contagious to people and other pets in your home.

DEWORM (up to two) A dewormer is given to assure that the common internal parasites, roundworms and hookworms, are eliminated.

FELINE FLEUKEMIA / FIV BLOOD TEST Every newly adopted cat or kitten should be tested for feline leukemia (Felv) and feline immunodeficiency (FIV) viruses. They are both common viral diseases among cats, especially strays or indoor/outdoor cats. Kittens can be born with these diseases, or acquire them early in life. It is commonly recommended to screen for these two viruses when acquiring a new kitten to ensure that he or she is disease-free and healthy. It's also very important to confirm that a kitten doesn't introduce these viruses to a household with disease-free cats.

EAR MITE SCREENING If there are ear symptoms including itching or dark colored ear discharge, your kitten might have ear mites. A swab taken from the ear will be evaluated under the microscope to check for ear mites. Ear cleanings, if needed, are included in this kitten package too.

MICROCHIP Microchips are a safe, effective and permanent way to identify your pet. A tiny microchip that contains a personal identification number is implanted under the skin. If your pet is ever lost the microchip will help your pet find their way home again safely.

PEDICURES Each time your kitten comes for a visit, we will trim his/her nails.

VACCINES: Your kitten’s vaccines will be customized based on his/her age, any previousvaccines administered, and his/her lifestyle and risk level. You and your veterinarian will discuss vaccines at the first visit and select the appropriate vaccination plan.

FVRCP (up to 3) This is a combination vaccine which aids in the prevention of 4 different diseases. Three of these (Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis, Calicivirus, and Chlamydia) cause respiratory symptoms. The fourth (Panleukopenia) is also known as Feline Distemper and causes flu-like symptoms which may be fatal. Kittens should have a series of FVRCP vaccines, each separated by one month, until at least 16 weeks old. Adult cats also require regular boosters.

FELV (up to two) This vaccine aids in the prevention of feline leukemia. Leukemia is a highly contagious virus that debilitates the immune system and causes life long infection. There is no known cure. Kittens should have a series of two (2) FELV vaccines. Adult cats require a yearly booster if their exposure risk is high.

RABIES The rabies vaccine is given between 4 and 6 months of age. By law it must be given by a licensed veterinarian or technician. Rabies is a fatal disease which can be transmitted to humans.

* Each plan will be tailored by your veterinarian to the individual needs of your cat and may include some or all of the vaccines listed here. The plan is not intended for sick pets and must be completed within 120 days of the initial visit. Medications and treatments for illness are not included in this plan.
This offer is non-refundable, and cannot be combined with other offers.

If your kitten also needs sterilization surgery (spay or neuter), we offer packages that incorporate the above listed items AND the surgery needed with preoperative blood work. Please contact our office for more detailed information and for pricing.

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