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As your trusted Las Vegas veterinarian, we work with cats of all different ages, breeds and temperaments. Unlike dogs, cats are the kind of pets that often enjoy time on their own and in some cases, can have different behavioral issues that need addressing to ensure that you can live happily together. Many of these behavioral issues can stem from their natural, instinctual needs and so instead of stopping them altogether, they may just need to be taught new ways to tap into those needs. With a little bit of patience and guidance from the team of experts at our cat hospital, even a novice cat owner can learn to live happily with their feline friends.

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Common Feline Behavioral Issues and How to Address Them

Destructive Scratching in Cats

As veterinarian experts, one of the most common complaints we hear from cat owners is that their kitties will not stop scratching up everything in sight. Destructive scratching in cats can lead to ruined furniture, torn up carpeting and a lot of resentment between owner and pet. Cats have a natural instinct and need to scratch but that doesn’t mean that you can’t redirect their scratching to a more suitable surface. With a few new cat-approved accents around the home and a bit of patience, you can save your sofa and help keep your cat healthy and happy.

Inappropriate Elimination: Screening, Diagnosis and Treatment

While cats are some of the cleanest and tidiest pets you can have in your home, they may have trouble with inappropriate elimination that can leave you feeling frustrated, upset and less than tidy. Some cats may have issues learning to use their litter box from the start while others may just suddenly refuse to go in their litter box after years of success. There are a number of different reasons that your cat may be having issues using their litter box but most of them can be easily remedied if you know which behavioral signs to look out for.

Feline Aggression

Whether you’ve had your cat since they were a kitten or you adopted from your local shelter, later on, it can take a while for your cat to warm up to everyone in the home. However, overly aggressive cats can be a huge problem for your family. This behavior can also be a cry for help and a way of alerting you to a more serious health issue. Common causes for aggression in cats includes heath conditions, anxiety and fear. Luckily, with many years of experience, the team at All About Cats Veterinary Hospital can help identify these underlying issues and help you to live in harmony with your cat.

Five Ways to Keep Your Cat's Environment Healthy Safety

Cats thrive when they have a private place where they feel safe and secure. This is because cats are hardwired to look for perceived threats and danger. Provide your cat a perch or cat home where they can retreat if they feel uncomfortable. Some cats prefer their retreat to be elevated above the activity in the room while others prefer to be beneath the action. You can try several options including a cat tree with an elevated perch, shelves mounted to the walls and/or cardboard boxes on the floor or tables. If you have multiple cats, you should at least have an elevated safe space for each cat.

Keep Your Cat Healthy and Happy

With a few helpful tips for making your cats feel safe, secure and welcomed in your home, you can learn to handle any of the common cat behavioral issues we’ve listed here.

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