Lion Shaves Under Anesthesia in Las Vegas, NV

While we do not offer traditional "awake" cat grooming, we provide the "Lion Shave Under Anesthesia," a special grooming service for cats that will not tolerate being handled by a traditional, professional groomer.

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Some sensitive cats can find any type of grooming, even in the hands of an experienced and caring groomer, to be a stressful experience. We find that certain cats react poorly to people handling them which can be made worse by the unfamiliar noises from hair clippers, blow dryers and the running water required for bathing.

While we do not take the administration of anesthesia lightly, we recommend anesthetized grooming for cats, as it ends up being safer and less stressful for the cat. Doing the lion shave with the cat under general anesthesia is a good option for sensitive cats that need some extra TLC. If kitties had the choice, some would definitely choose for the anesthesia option over being groomed awake!


A typical lion shave removes all the fur from a cat except for the face and head, tip of tail and paws, producing a lion-like appearance. Some lion shaves modify this look by leaving more fur on the tail surface and front legs. The look can be customized to the cat owner's preferences.

In addition to its cosmetic appeal, the lion shave offers certain benefits. Some long-haired cats can develop serious matting without regular shaving or grooming. Even long-haired cats without mats can suffer through a long, hot Nevada summer with all that hair.

Las Vegas Veterinarian Lion Shave

A lion shave allows us to trim the hair close to the skin, which reduces how often a cat needs to be groomed, keeps the cat cooler, and can decrease the amount of hair that is ingested thus decreasing the amount of hairballs the cat will throw-up.

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