Why Your Cat Needs Annual Check-Ups

Cat Needs Annual Check-Ups

Through annual check-ups, your cat veterinarian can monitor your feline’s health to promote long-term health and wellness. All cats are prone to developing health issues, even if they stay indoors all the time. Cat check-ups make it easier for your vet to detect signs of sickness early on, so your cat can get appropriate treatment to recover. You can schedule vet check-ups for your feline companion at All About Cats Veterinary Hospital, your local cat hospital in Las Vegas.

Importance of Annual Checkups 

It’s not enough to bring your furry friend to our cat hospital in Las Vegas just when she’s sick or injured. Your cat needs preventive care as well. That’s what annual check-ups can provide. During an annual wellness exam, your cat veterinarian will inspect your pet from nose to tail to catch signs of sickness or disease. We’ll check your cat’s eyes, nose, ears, mouth, fur, skin, heart, lungs, abdominal organs, and genitalia for anything out of the ordinary. We’ll inspect her teeth for signs of oral issues like bleeding gums, loose teeth, or periodontal disease. We recommend you schedule annual dental checkups and cleaning for your cat to help her maintain good oral health.

After inspecting your cat, we’ll perform diagnostic tests, if needed, to uncover hidden internal issues. Diagnostic testing will enable your vet to diagnose health issues quickly and accurately to avoid delays in your cat’s treatment.

Routine vet check-ups also give your cat a chance to bond with your cat veterinarian and our team so she will feel more comfortable in our care.

Cat Vaccinations/Parasite Control

During annual cat check-ups, we can update your cat’s vaccinations to ensure she remains fully protected against feline diseases like cat flu, feline parvo virus, feline leukemia, and other diseases that can impair her health. By staying on top of your cat's vaccination schedule, you can ensure she has the long-term protection she needs to live a long and healthy life.

A wellness exam also provides a good opportunity to have your cat checked for fleas, ticks, and worms. We can recommend medications that can help keep your cat be parasite-free year round.

Nutritional and Behavioral Counseling 

Annual checkups are a good time to discuss any problems you may be having with your cat’s diet or behavior with your vet. As cats age, their nutritional needs change. Your pet may require adjustments to her diet to stay in good health. Through a health check-up, we can determine if behavioral problems stem from age or poor health.

See Your Las Vegas Vet for Annual Cat Check-ups

To schedule an annual exam for your feline companion, contact All About Cats Veterinary Hospital in Las Vegas today at (702) 257-3222.

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