'Tably' The New Cat App That Can Determine Your Cats Happiness

Cats are well-known for being mysterious. Even after years of living with cats, there is still something new to learn about them every day. A new camera app helps cat owners figure out their cats’ moods. Let’s learn more about this new app from All About Cats Veterinary Hospital in Las Vegas.

Knowing How a Cat Really Feels is Important

Cats instinctively hide feelings of sickness and pain. They try to act as normally as possible. In the wild, signs of illness were signs to predators that the sick cat was easy prey. Even though a cat may live indoors all of its life, the instinct to disguise these symptoms is ingrained. Cat owners need to bring their cats to a cat veterinarian when they start showing symptoms. As with most medical issues, early treatment of a health condition is often key to the best outcome.

How the App Works

According to the app’s developer, Sylvester.ai, Tably uses artificial intelligence and a type of facial recognition to determine if a cat is in pain. It uses a photo of the cat and compares it to the Feline Grimace Scale, a tool developed by the University of Montreal. When a cat is sick or in pain, there are subtle changes in the position of the whiskers, muzzle, eyes, ears, and head. The app can determine whether a cat needs to see a veterinarian.

The App Helps with Pain Medication

Although Tably is not meant to replace a cat veterinarian, the feedback Tably provides helps veterinarians. Cat owners can determine if the pain medication is working for their cat. If the cat is on medication but still scoring badly on the Feline Grimace Scale, then the medication dosage can be adjusted.

How Accurate is This?

The Feline Grimace Scale has been shown in studies to be very effective at indicating whether a cat was in pain or not. Slyvester.ai claims that Tably is 97 percent accurate. The company hopes to make more apps for other pet species in the future.

Are You Concerned about Your Cat’s Health?

Even the latest A.I-powered app is not foolproof when determining if your cat is sick or in pain. If your cat is acting differently than usual, contact one of our veterinarians at All About Cats Veterinary Hospital in Las Vegas. Call our team today at (702) 257-3222 or reach us through our website by using our online contact form. If you would like to try the Tably app, click here to download it to your smartphone.

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