Cats Is It Normal to Vomit Hairballs

Is it normal to vomit hairballs?

Monitoring Feline Behavior 

One aspect of cat care that is important to know about is normal versus abnormal behavior. Cats sometimes do odd things, like vomit up hairballs. However, there are times when seemingly normal cat behavior isn’t so normal after all. Paying attention to your cat's behaviors could potentially save its life.

Normal Behavior 

Your cat will vomit from time to time, which is considered perfectly normal. When your cat vomits up a hairball, it is actually regurgitating hair from inside its stomach. Cats clean themselves with their tongues, the hair from their bodies cannot be digested, so it either is vomited up or passed in the feces. This is not cause for alarm unless the vomiting is frequent or constipation develops. Most normal cats vomit hairballs once a week to once a month depending on the amount and length of fur they have.

Is my cat coughing up a hairball?

It’s a misnomer to say a cat” coughs up a hair ball.” Coughing in cats is a symptom associated with the lungs and throat. Vomiting is associated with the gastrointestinal tract including the stomach and its contents. Cats actually “vomit” hair from their stomach they have ingested while grooming their coat with their tongue.

It is important to distinguish between vomiting and coughing. If your cat is coughing, it may crouch, stick its neck out and make a few wheezing or coughing sounds. The most important differentiation between coughing and vomiting is usually when cats cough, they do not bring anything up. At most they may cough up mucus from their lungs and swallow it at the end of the bout of coughs. Coughing may indicate that your cat has inflammation in its airways and is not considered normal cat behavior if happening often.

Abnormal Behavior 

If your cat has been vomiting more often than usual, your pet could be experiencing a health condition causing nausea or stomach discomfort and should be taken to our vet right away. Stomach problems range from ingestion of foreign material and parasites to intestinal diseases. Some other symptoms to look out for include lack of appetite, lethargy, and malaise.

Visit Our Cat Veterinarian

Cats are great pets that quickly become part of the family and should be cared for as such. Taking your cat to regular veterinary visits is vital in keeping it healthy. When finding a vet, it is best to go with an expert. At All About Cats Veterinary Hospital in Las Vegas, NV, our vets are experts in feline health and care. Taking your feline friend to our cat veterinarians will ensure better and more specialized care.

If your cat’s vomiting or coughing is becoming concerning, our cat hospital in Las Vegas, NV can help. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

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