Cat Behavior Issues Meowing and Yowling

The Cat's Meow: When Cat Behavior is Expressed Through Vocalization

Cats meow in a variety of ways to express themselves to those around them, but sometimes those meows are excessive, loud and downright irritating. When your cat is engaging in excessive vocalization, you might have a cat behavior issue. At All About Cats Veterinary Hospital, our cat veterinarians can get to the root cause of your cat's behavior and help find a solution. We are a cat hospital in Las Vegas that is dedicated to the care of cats. Let’s take a look at why your cat is vocalizing:


Cats are stoic creatures that don't like to let anyone know they hurt. Sometimes a cat needs to vocalize to say it hurts or just find some release from the pain. If you suspect that your cat is in pain, come to our cat hospital in Las Vegas for an examination to find the source of the issue.


If your cat is having anxiety, he or she may meow or yowl more than normal. Changes in your household or your schedules can cause anxiety for your cat. A recent move, house guests, loud construction outside or even a beeping smoke detector can all cause anxiety for you AND your cat

Medical Conditions

If your cat is restless or edgy, he or she may vocalize excessively. Several diseases cause restlessness including hyperthyroidism and high blood pressure. It’s important to see your vet to screen for these syndromes to rule out a medical problem.


Cats are social creatures for the most part. If you have a cat that's left alone frequently, you may get excessive vocals when you return because your cat is happy to see you.

In Heat

Female cats that retain their sex organs go into heat and engage in sounds such as yowling and howling. It is unpleasant, but it is easily resolved by getting her spayed as soon as possible. Intact males can also vocalize associated with territorial caterwauling.

Hearing Loss

Cats can lose their hearing with age which results in them meowing more loudly or frequently since they cannot easily hear themselves. If you suspect hearing loss, make an appointment with our cat veterinarians to get a proper diagnosis.

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