Introducing a New Cat into a Home

Introducing a New Cat into a Home

Whether you are bringing home your first new cat or an additional one, it is important to prepare ahead of time with some advice from our veterinarians at All About Cats Veterinary Hospital. If you are a new pet owner or new to the Las Vegas area, contact our cat hospital today to schedule an appointment with one of our vets.

General Tips from a Cat Veterinarian 

It helps to start your new cat in a “safe room” so that your new cat can have the safety and quiet that he or she needs to become familiar with the sounds and scents of your home. This “safe room” should have food, water, litter pan, hiding places and toys available. It also helps to give the kitty a place to hide since new cats are often quite nervous. Sheets over chairs or a cardboard box are helpful in this situation. Spend time with your new cat. When you and your cat have established a trusting relationship, the cat is ready to start exploring the rest of your home.

Introducing Cats to Cats

Introducing cats can take some time and you don’t want to do this too soon upon arrival. Let the cats sniff out the situation because smell should be the first introduction. Within two to four days, you can start exchanging bedding between the cat’s rooms to help them acclimate with each other’s scents. The next phase involves the cats seeing each other and you should use carriers to make this safer.

Introducing Cats to Dogs

Introducing cats to dogs is similar. If there aren’t any cats in the home, confine the dog to one room to let the cat explore the house. Then, keep the cat in a “safe room” at first as described above. At least once a day, switch the pets into each other’s area. Let the dog explore the cat room and the cat explore the dog area. They can smell and hear each other under the door at first.  As the new cat starts to settle in, eventually bring the dog in on a leash and have them sit and meet.  The length of time that it is going to take to integrate the dog with the cat depends on the previous experiences of each of the animals Hopefully, your pets start to get along and have a new friend to play with, but be patient as it can take a while.

Tips for Kids

If you are introducing your cat to your child, you should keep an eye on the two at first. Be sure to remind your child that the cat may be shy and a bit nervous, so please be patient with the new cat.

Contact Our Veterinarians in Las Vegas, NV

Our cat veterinarians can assist you with more specific integration tips. We offer a wide range of veterinary care for cats and can answer any questions that you may have about your new furry friend. Call us today at (702) 257-3222 to speak with one of our team members.

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