Common Cat Problems

Common Cat Problems

Cats are pretty good at self-maintenance but every once in a while, your cat can have one of these common problems. If your cat does have any of these common problems, you should contact a veterinarian at All About Cats Veterinary Hospital. 


Vomiting is a common problem and has many causes. This can be anything from eating something inedible to intestinal diseases to urinary tract diseases. This can dehydrate your cat quickly so if your cat continues vomiting, be sure to contact a vet. 

Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease

Both male and female cats can get this but it’s more common in cats that are overweight. Symptoms include struggling to urinate, bloody urine, depression, dehydration, licking around the urinary area, and vomiting. 


Fleas are not common in Las Vegas, but it’s something that can be seen occasionally and is easily treated. Signs including black flecks on the skin (flea excrement), constant scratching, red or irritated skin, or hair loss. Fleas can live for more than a year so you need to treat the current problem and prevent any future infestations. 


A common problem called Tapeworms can live inside your cat in the small intestines. It’s unlikely that you will see the whole worm and you usually just see the segments. Symptoms can be subtle and can include weight loss and vomiting. If you want to tell if your cat has tapeworms, look at the feces and around your cat’s rear end. Tapeworm segments look like soft, moving, white grains of rice. Cats can get tapeworms while grooming as a result of ingesting fleas from their hair coat. If you have a flea problem, you need to address getting rid of the fleas in the environment as well as deworming your cat for tapeworms. At All About Cats in Las Vegas, our vets can help guide you in the selection of products to eliminate both fleas and tapeworms.


Many things can cause this, including spoiled food, infection, intestinal parasites, chronic diseases of the intestines, cancer, and more. If your cat has diarrhea, you need to offer him or her plenty of water in order to prevent dehydration. Depending on the cause, diarrhea can last just for a day or up to months. Please contact us if your cat is having diarrhea.

Eye Problems

Eye problems can be caused by different things, including cataracts, glaucoma, trauma, viruses, retinal disease, and inflammation. Symptoms include watery eyes, red or white eyelids, or gunk in the eye corners. Unless you know what is causing the problem, you should call your vet at All About Cats.

Contact Our Veterinarian

It’s important for your cat to still have regular care with a veterinarian at All About Cats Veterinary Hospital, even if they don’t have these common problems. An annual examination is always recommended because you may not be aware there is a problem as cats are great at hiding weakness. Examinations can pick up diseases in the early stages even before you notice a big change.

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