Lion Shave

Lion Shave: The Importance of Grooming Your Cat in Las Vegas

As temperatures rise, you want to make sure your cat stays cool. There are plenty of ways to keep your cat cool. If you live in or around Las Vegas, and your cat begins to overheat, bring your pet to All About Cats Veterinary Hospital for veterinary care. Here are some tips to keep your cat cool in Las Vegas.

Speak with the Groomer

You should talk with your groomer about the best way to groom your cat for the hot weather. A longhaired cat may benefit from a lion shave. However, any kind of haircut can help a cat stay cool since it reduces the heat-trapping coat they wear each day. You can also find that your cat may have more energy with less hair. For cats that don’t require a lion shave, brushing will reduce the density of the coat and help prevent heat accumulation. Your groomer or veterinary staff can help you select the proper brushes or combs for your cat’s hair coat.

Monitoring Your Cat’s Health

Not only does proper grooming allow you to keep your cat cool, but it’s also much easier to monitor your cat’s health. It can help alert you to wounds, lumps, skin problems, and fleas or ticks. 

Your Cat Can’t Reach Everything

Even though your cat self-grooms, not every cat is able to reach everything. Certain health conditions, age, and obesity can also compromise the ability to clean, especially around the back end. Your groomer or veterinary team at All About Cats can perform a “Sanitary Shave.” This type of shave removes hair from the back end which can help your cat to keep that area tidy.

Other Ways to Keep Your Cat Cool

Besides grooming, you can also find other ways to keep your cat cool. Leave the air conditioning on when you aren’t home. If you have pets in the home, now is not the time to skimp on air conditioning. Keeping a room fan blowing during the day is also helpful. 

If your cat goes outside, you should keep it indoors during the daylight hours due to the extreme heat.

You can also consider a cat water fountain since water can help regulate your cat’s inner cooling system. Cats don’t necessarily like gulping from a bowl so a cat water fountain can encourage cats to drink more water. 

Visit Your Veterinarian

If you suspect your pet is suffering from signs of heat-related illness then you need to visit a cat hospital in Las Vegas immediately. Call All About Cats Veterinary Hospital today at (702) 257-3222 for more information about pet grooming or general veterinary care.

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