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Tips and tricks for providing a foster home for a cat or kitten

Temporary Housing for Cats

We at All About Cats in Las Vegas, NV believes that providing a safe and caring environment for an abandoned cat can not only save but can also improve the quality of its life.

Background Checks

Getting as much information as you can about your potential new roommate will prove to be advantageous with respect to its likes, dislikes, habits, and other personalized features. Since so many cats who need to be fostered from shelters usually have conditions or illnesses that private homes can deal with much better than shelters can, it would be a good idea to become familiar with the particular illness or condition afflicting the cat. The shelter will provide any medical information unique to your foster cat.

Introducing the New Ward to Your Environment

You want the transition to be as smooth as possible. Releasing the cat from the carrier and into an isolated room in your house will allow it to become familiar with the smell and the feel of your home. Spend time with the cat in this room before allowing it to roam to another part of the house. Gradually allow it access to the entire house or the rooms where it will be allowed to go.

The Gang's All Right

Before you even think about testing the interaction of multiple personalities within your personal pet community, you should make sure that your pets and the foster cat are free of any communicable diseases or conditions. Once everyone has a clean bill of health, then you can begin to introduce all of the animals to one another.

Fostering A Stray

Abandoned cats and kittens are a big problem. You can provide food, water, and shelter outside, weather permitting. If you decide to house the animal, then make sure that it doesn't pose a health hazard to you or to any other animals in your care. Your local shelter, cat hospital in Las Vegas, or humane organization should be able to field questions that you may have.

We're All About Cats and we can help you with pet cats or foster cats in Las Vegas, NV!

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