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What to do when cats and kittens go missing

What to Do When Cats and Kittens Go Missing 

Is your kitty missing? Cats are very intuitive, and it is not unusual for them to wander hundreds of miles before finding their way back. Don’t give up. Try these tips from All About Cats Veterinary Hospital in Southwest Las Vegas, Nevada if your cat or kitten goes missing.

Check-in with the Cat Hospitals in Las Vegas 

The first thing to do is check with your local cat hospitals in Las Vegas, as they frequently hear and are informed of missing cats. Post a flyer, leave a note, or put something on the vet’s bulletin board as a first step in finding your pet. After you have checked there, move on to some tips that can help lost cats and kittens find their way home.

Are they missing? 

Is it possible that your cat is not missing at all? Some cats hide and will stay gone for a worrisome period of time. Before you ring the alarm, look all around your property, inside and out, to ascertain if your pet is simply not isolating. If the cat is stressed, they can stay hidden indefinitely; lure them out with favorite foods, belongings, and a calm environment.

Start Searching 

Once you have determined your cat is missing, time is of the essence. Get looking around the neighborhood, ask neighbors, and post a flyer with photos. Put the word out online via community lost pet pages on social media.

Lure Them Home 

Provide familiar scents in the yard, such as their favorite food, clothing, or bedding. Set up a baby monitor near the dish so you can hear them if they visit.

Keep Them Safe 

The best way to ensure your pet finds their way home is to always outfit your cat with tags that identify them and provide contact information. Also, invest in having your cat microchipped; it can make the difference in whether they make it home or not.

Is your cat or kitten missing? Call and check in with us today. 

If your cat is missing, try not to worry. Some cats come home weeks and even months after they wander off. Call the team at All About Cats Veterinary Hospital in Southwest Las Vegas at: 702-666-0252 to see if anyone in the area has spotted your cat, or to microchip your pet right away.

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