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Financial Assistance Options For Pets

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Financial Assistance Options

We are indeed All About Cats here at our esteemed cat hospital in Las Vegas, which is why our veterinary team strives to provide quality care to every furry friend that enters our clinic. However, when an animal needs emergency care or requires a costly surgery, making financial arrangements may be necessary to pay for the procedure. Fortunately, All About Cats offers pet owners help with applying for financial assistance to ease the burden.

CareCredit Financing

Because billing increases operation costs overall, we require payment when services are provided. Many of our clients have success qualifying for a no-interest, six-month financing option for medical expenses known as CareCredit. This line of credit may be used for veterinary services, and the application process is complete in minutes. CareCredit allows you to pay back the loan in installments in accordance with your agreement, and we’ll even help you apply here in the office. There is also an easy online form directly through the CareCredit website.

Financial Assistance via Pet Insurance

While it’s not likely to cover the entire bill, making a small investment in a good pet insurance policy can have a dramatic impact on the total out of pocket expenses owners experience. While our cat hospital in Las Vegas doesn’t endorse any particular enterprise for pet insurance, there are plenty of online resources. Check out our website under Payment Options to see helpful articles about which pet insurance company to consider. Be sure to factor in verified reviews from other customers when making a choice.

Vet Care Organizations

There are a number of local, state, and national organizations that one can reach out to for financial assistance for veterinary care. Check out non-profits online through the state’s veterinary medical association, or just give us a call, and we’ll help you explore some options available to you.

All About Cats: a Premier Cat Hospital in Las Vegas

If you need some advice to help you with financial assistance for pet care, contact All About Cats online or call 702-257-3222 today to schedule a consultation. We will treat you and your cats just like family. We look forward to meeting you!


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