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Constipation in Cats

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Constipation in Cats: It's More Serious Than You May Think

There are several things that may cause your cat to become constipated, such as stress, dehydration, an intestinal blockage or arthritis. In most situations, the problem can be corrected with simple home remedies, such as adding more fiber to their diet.

However, if the problem is chronic or causing severe pain, they may have an impaction. Chronic constipation can even have a physical effect requiring colon surgery to remove the section of their colon that is damaged. So, if your cat appears to be in severe pain or the constipation is chronic, it is important that you seek medical treatment at a cat hospital in Las Vegas right away.

Symptoms of Constipation in Cats

One of the most common signs that your cat may be suffering from constipation is a lack of appetite. If they suddenly are refusing to eat, or they are only eating small amounts and vomiting afterward, it may be due to the pressure in their abdomen and the blockage may be causing them to feel full. Other symptoms of constipation in cats may include:

  • Defecating less often than once a day

  • Straining to defecate

  • Small, hard and dry balls of feces

  • Defecating outside of their litterbox

  • Liquid stool mixed with blood or mucus

  • Depression

  • Decreased appetite

  • Vomiting

  • Meowing or whining as if in pain

How the Cat Hospital in Las Vegas Can Help

The recommended treatment will vary depending on the degree of constipation and the amount of pain your cat is experiencing. If your cat is experiencing mild constipation, the cat hospital in Las Vegas may prescribe a supplement that will add fiber to the cat’s diet. In some situations, the vet may recommend laxatives, stool softeners, an enema or even a change to a different type of food.

If your cat is experiencing frequent constipation, it may be a symptom of another medical condition, so it’s essential that you have your pet examined at the Cat Hospital in Las Vegas if they are showing signs of pain or the condition appears to be chronic.

Call All About Cats Veterinary Hospital

If you are concerned about your cat showing signs of constipation, contact All About Cats Veterinary Hospital. You can call us at 702-257-3222 to schedule an appointment today!

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