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Cat Clawing Issues

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Cat Clawing Got You Scratching Your Head? Schedule a Scratching Consult

Is your claw-happy kitty giving you a bout of cat scratch fever with their destructive clawing behavior? Does leaving home leave you concerned about what might happen to carpet, upholstered furniture, leather goods, and those designer drapes? If you’re ready to take control back from your destructive fur boss, it’s time to schedule a scratching consultation with our Las Vegas veterinarian at All About Cats Veterinary Hospital.

What is a Scratching Consultation?

A scratching consult is a supplemental aspect of a traditional wellness examination in which our veterinarian has an in-depth discussion with cat owners about details concerning their scratching behaviors. We will also inquire about other lifestyle factors such as other pets in the home, children, how often they are alone, what they tend to scratch, etc. This allows us to better determine the underlying cause of why they do it to help find viable solutions as to how to make the behavior cease.

Destructive Cat Clawing: Causes and Solutions We May Discuss

Our Las Vegas veterinarian understands that all cats are different, and each one may have different reasons for scratching around the house. We’ll help you determine the possible causes and make appropriate recommendations for solutions such as:

  • Adjustments in the household that may be influencing scratching behavior
  • Types and locations of Scratching Posts
  • Environmental enrichment to redirect attention to other activities
  • Regular Cat Nail Trimming
  • The application of plastic nail caps “Soft Paws”
  • Calming Phermones such as “Feliway”
  • Phermone products to attract cats to appropriate scratching areas ie: “Feliscratch”

Schedule Your Cat Scratching Consult Today

Don’t wait another day until your cat decides to take things to the next level of destruction. Contact All About Cats Veterinary Hospital in Southwest Las Vegas today online or call us at 702-666-0252 to schedule a consultation with our experienced vet.

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