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Why Dental Hygiene Is Important For Cats

cat getting its teeth brushed

Why Dental Hygiene is Important for Cats

Since felines are unable to take care of their dental needs, pet owners need to take the initiative in making sure that this important task is part of his or her cat’s daily life. Depend on All About Cats Veterinary Hospital in Las Vegas to handle all of your cat’s dental cleanings. Here is some information about the importance of cat dental hygiene and how our veterinarians can help.

Why Cats Need Dental Care

Cats require routine cleanings of their teeth to keep them in the best possible condition. If teeth are not cleaned on a regular basis, bacteria building up along the gumline is inevitable. Bacteria will turn into a hardened material called tartar, which is difficult to remove without assistance. If tartar is not removed, it will make its way under the gums and causes the roots of teeth to deteriorate. This causes the risk of inflammation, pain and eventual tooth loss.

How to Clean Your Cat's Teeth

Purchase a toothbrush and toothpaste that is especially made for cats. Toothpaste can come in a meat flavor that most cats find enjoyable. Using a toothbrush takes a little patience and time, and you will have to slowly introduce the toothbrush.

First, place a dab of the paste on your finger and let your cat lick the toothpaste. If your cat likes the toothpaste flavor, continue this process daily, eventually trying to wipe the teeth with the toothpaste on your finger. Finally, replace your finger with the toothbrush and use it to remove surface bacteria. It may take several sessions before your cat can get used to the procedure. Most felines will allow for a few teeth to be brushed if they like the flavor of the paste.

There are tartar control treats available to give to your cat and this treat can help to remove bacteria. If you have difficulty with the cleaning process, our Las Vegas veterinarians can provide advice and demonstrations in our veterinary hospital.

What Our Veterinarian Does to Help

Our veterinarians will do a visual inspection of your cats mouth and teeth during every office visit. When a profession, thorough cleaning is needed, we perform a “Dental Cleaning & Evaluation Procedure” under general anesthesia. During these procedures, the veterinarian will examine and probe all the teeth and perform dental x-rays to ensure that your cat’s teeth are healthy. Additionally, a thorough dental cleaning and polishing is accomplished while your cat is asleep. If your cat has dental problems such as broken teeth or gum inflammation, our veterinarians can provide treatment, if needed.

Contact All About Cats Veterinary Hospital in Las Vegas if your feline needs cat dental care. Book a dental exam for your cat by calling our veterinarians at 702-257-3222 today.

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