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Want Peace of Mind? Get a Second Opinion

cat_care_med.jpgIt's a sad fact that not all veterinarians provide the same level of care. If you recently took your cat to a Las Vegas-area veterinarian and left with the nagging feeling that maybe there are other options for treatment, pay attention to that inner voice. While we do not doubt the credibility or training of other veterinarians, we treat only cats and are able to focus on cat-specific care and treatment. If you have any hesitation about your cat's current level of care or want to see if there are other options, you should always get a second opinion. All About Cats stands ready to provide that second opinion, and much more.

We run a cat clinic, complete with cat grooming and cat boarding services, not a cat-and-dog or general veterinary clinic. That means we can focus all of our skills on the specific needs of one animal -- yours! Your cat will enjoy the peace and quiet of the dog-free environment at our veterinary hospital. More importantly, though, you will receive an expert second opinion that either confirms the previous one or suggests a different treatment.

Get Your Second Opinion for Free!

We decided to make it as easy as possible for cat owners to get that extra advice that could make the difference in kitty's long-term health -- so we created a special standing offer. If you bring your cat to our Las Vegas cat hospital for an exam and consultation within three months of an exam by another animal clinic, we will perform that exam and consultation free of charge. (You must bring the receipt or record of the previous visit with you to get this special deal.) This service is normally a $44 value, but we would hate to see your cat not get the proper care just because you already spent money on an exam. In any case, we would like to meet both of you!

Are you ready to get that second opinion? If so, contact our veterinary hospital today and stop worrying. We look forward to putting your mind at rest while giving your special friend the best possible care and attention!

Have you received a second opinion that made a big difference in your cat's care? 

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