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How to Tell When Your Cat is Sick

Signs That Your Cat is Sick

Cats are notorious for being playful when they are in a good mood and free from illness. It may seem easy to deduce that if a cat is up to his usual antics then he's doing fine and enjoying life. But, the caveat is that cats are very good at being sneaky when it comes to hiding if they are not feeling well. This trait in cats is an instinctual method of survival in the wild. Cats know that if they show weakness then the animals that prey on them have a better chance at succeeding at having a big meal for dinner.

Therefore, it is up to the pet owner to know the signs and recognize when his or her cat is showing signs that they are ill and in need of a visit to our veterinary hospital.

Veterinarians at the All About Cats Veterinary Hospital
are Experienced in Treating Cat IllnessesCat clinic in Las Vegas treats cats only

Early detection is key to helping veterinarians quickly bring a cat back to health. To that effect, symptoms signaling a cat may be in need of a trip to a cat hospital include the following: changes in eating and drinking habits; a negative reaction when the cat is picked up or touched; a variation in the appearance of the cat or its ability to move; vomiting, diarrhea or an increase or decrease of urine output; or the cat preferring to find a dark and quiet hiding place to avoid movement and save energy.

This is not a comprehensive list, so if you have questions about changes in your cat's behavior, please contact us at All About Cats Veterinary Hospital right away.

Our cat clinic in Las Vegas treats felines exclusively and does not allow dogs on the premises, thereby helping to alleviate any additional stress your cat may feel. All About Cats Veterinary Hospital was founded by Dr. Terri Koppe when she identified that there was a need for a cat hospital of this kind so cats could feel comfortable while being helped by our cat veterinarians.

Has your cat been sick recently? What symptoms did you notice?


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