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Head to Tail Cat Checkups Keep Your Feline in Favorable Health

Head to Tail Cat Checkups Keep Your Feline in Favorable Health

Yearly cat exams are the best way to protect your cat's good health. When you bring your cat in for yearly exams at All About Cats Veterinary Hospital, it gives us the opportunity to monitor your cat's health and identify any potential problems while they are still in the early stages. Yearly cat exams also allow our vets to establish a baseline of good health for your cat.

What Happens During Veterinary Cat Exams?

We want to help keep your feline healthy and ensure that he is feeling fine. With the end of 2013 nearing, it is a great time to think about getting your cat checked out first thing in 2014.

We will examine your cat's nose and eyes for signs of inflammation or congestion. We will look into the mouth to spot any signs of tooth decay or gum disease. We will also look inside the ears to look for signs of infection, ear mite infestation, soreness or redness. We will examine your cat's skin and fur for signs of fleas, dehydration and other health problems including nutritional deficiency.

We examine the feet and paw pads during cat exams to look for injuries to the claws or flesh. Our veterinarian will listen to your cat's heart and lungs with a stethoscope to listen for lung or heart problems. Finally, our veterinarian will complete the cat exam by palpating your cat's abdomen with her hands. This is done to check your cat's internal organs for lumps, swellings and abnormalities of any kind. Your vet will note your cat's condition for comparison purposes during his next exam. 

Our head to tail examination will make your cat feel well cared for and cleared with a clean bill of health for the year. Our loving touch will help your feline friend look forward to their visit to our veterinary hospital.

When was the last time your cat was scheduled for a checkup?

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