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Cat Dental Care at Our Las Vegas Cat Clinic

You have probably given plenty of thought to your cat's health regarding vaccinations and other essential procedures. But have you thought about his or her teeth? Cat teeth cleaning and other dental care can make a big difference in your pet's health -- and here at All About Cats, we do our part to keep Las Vegas cats' teeth clean, functional, healthy and pain free!

Cat Teeth Cleaning and Cat Dentistry

Modern domesticated cats may not have to fend for themselves in the wild, but they still depend on their teeth for everyday survival, even if you only see them playing with toys and enjoying their food.  Cats do not like to let others know when they are in pain -- it marks them as vulnerable to potential predators -- so Las Vegas cat dental care includes professional teeth cleaningsyou may have to do some careful "reading" of your cat's behavior. Our skilled veterinary staff can advise you on the subtle indicators of discomfort. A visual inspection can also reveal redness or swelling in the gums, pus, mouth ulcers or other signs of trouble. Even if your cat just has unusually bad breath, it may mean a trip to the cat dentist.

Unhealthy gums do more than just put your kitty off his food -- they can actually jeopardize his health. Periodontal diseases begin when food particles and saliva create a substance called plaque that sticks to the teeth. Bacteria then feed on this plaque, often invading the gums through the gum line. Not only can this bacteria cause gingivitis, tooth decay, loose teeth and abscesses, it can also get into the circulatory system and make its way to your cat's internal organs, potentially damaging the kidneys or heart.

Fortunately, regular checkups and cleaning by an experienced cat dentist can reduce the incidence of gum disease or tooth decay. Our animal hospital offers dental checkups in which we look for any irregularities in the mouth during part of a routine thorough examination.

We also perform our "Dental Cleaning and Evaluation." This service is performed under anesthesia because our patients need to be asleep to let us fully evaluate their entire mouth carefully. When we perform a "Dental Cleaning and Evaluation," we inspect the entire mouth and evaluate all the teeth and gums. We also perform full mouth dental X-rays at no additional cost, a service which is not routinely performed by all veterinary hospitals. Dental X-rays can show diseased tooth roots which under routine visual examination can be missed. We then thoroughly clean and polish the teeth exactly like hygienists do for human patients. In addition to cat teeth cleaning, we also perform dental surgery or other treatments as needed to repair any damage that has occurred.

We know many cat owners are nervous about having their cat undergo general anesthesia. We take anesthesia very seriously and do everything possible to ensure the safety of your cat. Please see our Safe Anesthsia for Cats page to help put your mind at ease.

Feline Denistry Las Vegas

Home dental care will also help your cat maintain healthy teeth. We can recommend certain dry cat foods that actually help scrub the teeth clean of plaque. We can even show you how brush your cat's teeth using special "cats-only" toothpastes. Even a favorite chew toy can help keep teeth clean.

Come see the cat dental facilities at our animal hospital and chat with a staff cat dentist. You'll appreciate the relaxing, caring, dog-free environment, and so will your cat! Our cat clinic can help ensure a lifetime of good health for your feline friend.

Call us at 702-257-3222 to schedule a dental check up today.