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Cat AcupunctureAcupuncture for cats at All About Cats Veterinary Hospital

At All About Cats Veterinary Hospital, we provide holistic veterinary care for cats, because we love our feline friends. We are thrilled to be able to offer our pet parents the option of cat acupuncture in Las Vegas, NV. Read on to learn the benefits of acupuncture for cats and find out how this treatment works. 

What is Cat Acupuncture? 

Acupuncture is a form of traditional Chinese medicine that has long been used to treat a range of mental and physical health conditions in people. Now, acupuncture is also being used to treat pets. Our Las Vegas veterinarian, Dr. Cathy Berquist, has been trained in cat acupuncture and we are truly happy to bring this powerful healing form to our pet parents. 

Acupuncture for cats can relieve pain associated with injuries and illnesses by stimulating the release of endorphins. Acupuncture also promotes nervous system health, which stimulates your cat's internal healing system. As a result of consistent treatments, your cat will enjoy improved energy levels, oxygenation, reduced pain, improved blood flow, and other wellness benefits. 

Acupuncture is all-natural, so it does not interfere with any medication your pet is taking. Thus, we can recommend acupuncture in addition to any medicines your cat may be on for disease or wellness. We can also perform acupuncture on cats that have compromised immune systems, without worrying that your cat's internal organs will be harmed. 

Finally, acupuncture also has a calming effect on your cat. If your cat has behavioral problems, is under a high level of stress, or is depressed, acupuncture can help to restore a positive mood. 

See Our Las Vegas Veterinarians 

We know how to perform acupuncture in a way that is safe and not threatening for your cat. We have studied with some of the leading veterinary acupuncture experts, and can expertly treat your pets using acupuncture. 

We can make sure that your pet is comfortable in a quiet space, and spend time comforting your kitty before we begin to place the needles. The needles are very fine, and will not hurt going in. In fact, once the needles are in, many of our patients simply take a cat nap. Your kitty will rest with the needles in for several minutes, at which point we will then remove them. The good work of acupuncture will continue for the next 24 hours, however. 

Acupuncture for pets is proven to work. It can also be cost-effective. Many pet insurance companies are covering pet acupuncture. We would be happy to check whether your pet insurance provider covers acupuncture. We are also more than happy to provide you with any other information you need before you decide to give this ancient healing method a try. 

Schedule Your Cat An Acupuncture Appointment Today

Would you like to schedule an acupuncture or veterinary appointment for your cat? If so, please give our cat friendly animal hospital a call today at 702-257-3222. We look forward to providing the best in natural wellness care for your cat.