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As a pet owner, our Las Vegas cat veterinarian knows that you want to put your cat’s health first while also balancing your family's needs. In some cases, declawing is the best choice for you, your family and your cat. Our Las Vegas cat hospital offers peace of mind that declaw are performed by our experienced veterinarians with compassion and that our cat patients are handled in a humane way with detailed pain management protocols. Our primary goal is to keep our patients comfortable and stress free. At All About Cats Veterinary Hospital, our veterinary team is committed to helping you understand this procedure, what to expect, the available alternatives and how to decide when it is right for your family.

Understanding Cat Declawing: When is Declawing the Right Choice?

Cat declawing is a personal choice that should be made after careful consideration. Unlike a nail clipping, declawing is a permanent procedure that should be chosen only after serious reflection and consideration of alternative treatments. For example, if your indoor cat frequently scratches the furniture, one option is to keep the nails trimmed and/or use “Soft Paws.”  Soft Paws are plastic nail caps attached monthly over your cats’ nails with surgical glue to protect furniture and prevent your cat from scratching. They save your cat’s claws and your furniture. We also encourage pet owners to provide their cats with a variety of scratching posts and to encourage them to use these posts from an early age. Cats have an innate desire to scratch, and it is important to provide them with a safe outlet to exercise this need.

There are some cases where declawing is the best choice for your cat’s health and your family’s well being. For example, if a tumor develops in a cat’s nail bed, removing the nail may be the only option to save the cat’s life. In other cases, declawing a cat is essential to protecting a family member. Individuals with a compromised immune system, a bleeding disorder, or other health condition may suffer a life-threatening complication to a cat scratch. If the choice is between re-homing your cat, giving your cat to a shelter, or declawing your cat, declawing may be the best option. We also invite you to read the American Veterinary Medical Association's brochure Declaw...or Not.

Las Vegas Veterinarian Cat Declawing: What to Expect

Keep in mind that declawing is a surgical procedure requiring full anesthesia and the removal of a bone from each toe so that the claw does not grow back. When our veterinarian performs a declawing, we follow advanced pain management protocols, including the use of codeine type pain medication, anti-inflammatory medication, and antibiotics to make this procedure as humane as possible. These medications are also sent home with our patients when they are released from the hospital for continued support at home. Special cat litter called Yesterday’s News is needed at home after the procedure to help with healing and prevent complications.

All of the medications used and the Yesterday’s News are included in the package cost, and are not "optional" like offered in many other vet hospitals. Patients stay in the hospital at least one night with bandages on their feet so they can rest and are sent home without bandages the second day.

 Following the procedure, we work closely with cat owners to ensure a smooth recovery process. Your cat’s safety and health is our primary goal.

The "Declaw Package" at All About Cats

The "Declaw Package" includes the following items, many of which are are additional charges or add-on options at other veterinary hospitals. (Please contact us for the price) :

  1. The Preoperative Exam
  2. Anesthesia and Monitoring
  3. Intravenous (I.V.) Catheter and Intravenous Fluids
  4. Declaw Procedure of Two Feet
  5. Post-operative Pain Medication
  6. Post-operative Antiinflammatory Medication
  7. Antibiotic Administered while in Hospital
  8. One Post-Operative Overnight Stay 
  9. Pain relief medication to use at home
  10. Anti-inflammatory medication to use at home
  11. Antibiotic medication to use at home
  12. Special Cat Litter called "Yesterday's News" used to prevent infection of incisions
  13. If your cat is over 1 yr or 8lbs in weight, a transdermal Fentanyl pain patch is applied to the skin and stays on for the first 3 days for additional pain management.

Making the Decision to Declaw: Considerations

Prior to choosing declawing, our veterinarian is happy to answer any questions you may have about the procedure. Since declawing is permanent and irreversible, it is important that this decision is carefully made with all available information. Once a cat is declawed, the cat must remain indoors at all times as their primary defense mechanism (claws) will have been removed.

Our Las Vegas cat veterinarian is committed to helping all cats live a long, healthy life. If you have any questions or concerns about declawing, please call our cat hospital at 702-257-3222. We can help you make the choice that is right for your cat and your family.

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