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Vomiting Care from Your Veterinarian in Las Vegas, All About Cats Veterinary Hospital

At All About Cats Veterinary Hospital, we work closely with our cat owners to ensure the very highest level of care is available. If there is any question about the care your cat needs or why your cat may not feel well, please call our team for an appointment. Schedule an appointment with your veterinarian in Las Vegas to discuss why your cat is vomiting.

cat vomiting

Why Cats Vomit

Cats vomit for the same reason humans do. In some situations, it can be due to something they've eaten that cannot be digested. This is very common with cats because of the amount of fur they ingest. In other situations, viruses or bacteria can lead to digestive problems or illnesses that cause vomiting. It is possible that vomiting is a result of a more serious health condition. This can happen in situations where pancreatitis, inflammatory bowel disease, constipation, parasitic infections, or liver disease occur.

When Should You Take Your Pet in for Vomiting

While occasional vomit is inevitable, we recommend calling our team whenever your pet is recurrently vomiting. However, in some situations, you should not wait to call for help. For example, if your pet is vomiting significantly or numerous times in a short period of time, this can lead to dehydration very quickly. If your pet is vomiting blood, do not wait. Cats that are vomiting yellow, green or other colored fluid should also receive immediate care. If your cat has any other signs of illness or is lethargic, do not wait to call for an appointment.

Treatment for Vomiting in Cats

Only your veterinarian can provide specific information on the best treatment for vomiting in cats. The treatment will depend specifically on the underlying cause. Our first goal will be to ensure the cat is not dehydrated. Fluids are often necessary. For most gastrointestinal conditions, we'll monitor your cat to determine if it is likely to continue and administer treatments to calm the vomiting. We'll also conduct tests to pinpoint what the underlying cause. Treating that cause is often necessary to help vomiting dissipate.

Come to Your Cat Hospital Las Vegas for Help with Vomiting

Any pet vomiting for more than a day or vomiting more than once in an hour may need immediate help. When you need a cat hospital, Las Vegas residents can depend on All About Cats Veterinary Hospital for immediate help for vomiting. Don't wait to get your cat the care he or she needs. Call: 702-257-3222.