Cat Separation Anxiety

Cat separation anxiety is psychological condition that your pet will experience as you begin to return to work. It happens when a pet becomes overly attached to his owner and becomes anxious when apart. As cats become emotionally dependent on their owners, they may not be able to cope when their owners are not around. All About Cats in Las Vegas provides several recommendations on how to deal with cat anxiety as lockdown restriction are lifted.  


Signs of Cat Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety varies in severity and intensity, but it has severe effects on many pet's health. Destructive behavior is one of the signs that your cat has separation anxiety, including urinating in inappropriate places. At the same time, some cats will avoid eating or drinking while an owner is away. Others will show signs of excessive self-grooming. You may also notice your pet continually wanting attention, or acting out in ways that are unusual. Some symptoms include yowling, pacing and being awake at strange times like in the middle of the night.

Reducing the Risks of Cat Separation Anxiety

You can visit us at All About Cats in Las Vegas for recommendations on dealing with cat separation anxiety. However, there are several measures you can implement to reduce the likelihood of separation anxiety in your pet. The goal is to change the relationship between the animal and the owner so that they are not dependent on them. Since the cat has become dependent on the owner, the focus should be on helping it understand that you will not always be available.

Before returning to work and separating yourself from your pet, start by preparing the cat for mini absences. This means you do not overdo the goodbye process through casual leaving. Give your animal practice being alone by providing it with small periods of separation. Secondly, increase the cat's environment enrichment by providing perches and toys. These are meant to help cats play and spend time with other things to reduce their dependency on you. Also, try to remove departure cues such as grabbing keys or putting on shoes to help your cat adjust. If any objects trigger anxiety, remove them from the cat's presence. Using specific cat calming products can also help with cat separation anxiety.

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The most important thing when dealing with cat separation anxiety is to be patient and understand why your animal is in distress. While there is no quick fix in dealing with cat separation anxiety, there are several tips you can use to help your animal. Never punish your pet for any stress-related behavior. To learn more, visit us at All About Cats in Las Vegas for further advice.

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