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Posted on 02-07-2017

Bring Your Cat for a “Dental Cleaning and Evaluation” Procedure through March 31st for $30 discount

Cat dental cleaning in Las Vegas

Cats are pretty self-sufficient. However, your cat does need some assistance when it comes to oral health. It is crucial to bring your pet in for a cat dental exam at least once a year. Since February is National Dental Health Month, this is a perfect time to book an appointment.

Professional Feline Dental Care from Your Preferred Cat Veterinarian in Las Vegas

As your cat eats food, small particles start to build up along with bacteria in the mouth and this leads to plaque. If not removed on a regular basis with tooth brushing, the plaque eventually hardens to become tartar that your cat veterinarian in Las Vegas will have to remove in a clinical setting.

Failure to remove tartar can lead to your cat getting gingivitis. This early form of gum disease is treatable, but if you don’t have tartar removed, your cat will eventually get periodontal disease, cavities, tooth loss and pain.

It is imperative for you to set up a cat dental exam to rule out any problems with your feline’s oral health as soon as possible. This way, in addition to checking for bleeding or receding gums, the vet can identify such problems as a broken tooth or an abscess that needs immediate treatment.

Make an Appointment with Your Cat Veterinarian in Las Vegas Today!

Arranging for regular dental exams for your cat is essential for keeping it healthy and happy. We want to encourage cat owners to keep up with their cat’s dental health, so we are proud to offer $30 off dental cleaning and evaluation procedure through end of March. For more information about feline cat exams or to set an appointment, please call the team at All About Cats Veterinary Hospital at (702) 257-3222 today.

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