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Posted on 01-08-2018

How to Help Your Cats Exercise More

            woman exercising with cat

Just like their owners, your cats need to exercise each day to stay healthy and maintain a higher level of overall wellness. Specifically, daily exercise helps your kitties improve their hunting skills, keep their weight down and works off extra energy. Not only does exercise keep your cat fit but regular playtime is great for their mental health too. Exercise is ideal for preventing boredom and depression, which often lead to more serious health and behavioral conditions.

Easy Tips to Help Your Cat Get More Exercise

Use New Toys

If you’ve noticed that your cat isn’t as interested in their old toys as they used to be, try mixing it up with a bit of variety. Watch your cat to see which type of toys they like best and buy a few new toys to match their personality. If your cat likes to hunt try getting a few toy mice. If they like feathered toys, go for a new stringed feathered toy to get them up and moving. Rotating the available toys every few days will keep things fresh for your cat. Adding catnip to the toys can stimulate new interest as well.

Play for a Set Amount of Time

Cats need to exercise for about 10 to 15 minutes at a time to enjoy the full health benefits of their playtime. There’s nothing like a little help from a friend. Playing with your cat and her toys is always more stimulating for your cat than playing alone. When they get bored, be sure to offer them a bit of positive reinforcement with a few cuddles and treats.

Beware of the Bite

Cats get a great sense of satisfaction from sinking their teeth and claws into their playthings. But letting them bite and scratch you is not a good idea. Promote positive biting by quickly substituting a plush toy for your own hands whenever they start to bite. Be consistent by never using your fingers or toes as toys. Over time they’ll learn that your hands and feet are a no-go zone.

Give Them a Challenge

Sometimes their regular mouse or feathered toy simply won’t do the trick. If you find that your cat is in need of a challenge during playtime, try introducing a multi-tiered cat tree into your daily exercise sessions. With so many different levels and hiding spots to choose from, your cats will have a blast!

Keep Your Cats Happy and Healthy at All About Cats Veterinary Hospital

Teaching your cat to enjoy exercise doesn’t have to be a difficult task with these helpful playtime tips! Want more great cat care tips from our veterinarian in Las Vegas? Call (702) 257-3222 or visit our team online today to schedule an appointment.

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