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Posted on 05-18-2017

Our Cat Veterinarian in Las Vegas Explains Bad Breath in Cats

Does your cat have bad breath? It may be a sign of illness. Fortunately, our cat veterinarian in Las Vegas can perform a cat dental exam to diagnose the cause of your cat’s bad breath and provide treatment.

Cats do not have minty-fresh breath by nature, but your cat’s breath should not smell foul. If it does, your feline friend may have an underlying medical problem.

cat with smelly breath

Bad breath, also known as halitosis, is most commonly the result of a buildup of odor-causing bacteria in your cat’s mouth. Excessive bacteria could be the result of dental or gum disease, as some cats are prone to plaque and tartar.

Health problems, such as abnormalities in your pet’s mouth or a problem with your cat’s respiratory or digestive systems, can cause halitosis. Liver problems and kidney problems can result in bad breath.

Cat Dental Exams to Diagnose Bad Breath

Our cat veterinarian in Las Vegas may perform a dental exam to determine the cause of your cat’s bad breath. Our cat doctor will start by asking you questions about your kitty’s bad breath, overall health, and whether your cat paws at its mouth, drools excessively or has other behaviors that may indicate an oral health problem.

Next, our veterinarian will examine your cat’s head and neck, and look for lumps, pain, swelling, enlarged lymph nodes, or other abnormalities. Next, the veterinarian will look at your cat’s teeth and gums for signs of swelling, bleeding, and gum disease. Gingivitis is gum disease that is painful and can lead to tooth loss. Our cat doctor may order x-rays to help determine the source of halitosis.

Our veterinarian can perform many parts of the cat dental exam without sedating your pet, but sedation is sometimes necessary for the safety and well-being of your cat.

Depending on the cause of your cat’s bad breath, our veterinarian will suggest a course of treatment that may include medications.

If your cat has bad breath, make an appointment for a cat dental exam at All About Cats Veterinary Hospital. Our office is conveniently located at 4370 S Durango Dr in Las Vegas, NV. All About Cats Veterinary Hospital offers $30 off dental exams until June. Make your appointment today by calling 702-257-3222.

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