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Posted on 11-11-2016

Does My Las Vegas Veterinarian Have to Put My Pet Under Using Anesthesia to Perform Dental Work?

Woman about to take her cat in for dental work in Las Vegas

If your cat needs dental work, it will be necessary to for your Las Vegas veterinarian to anesthetize your cat to prevent him from suffering unnecessary anxiety and pain (think of yourself in the dental chair!) Removing tartar and plaque, periodontal probing for detecting decay and performing intraoral radiology techniques all require anesthesia for cats.

Benefits of Anesthetizing Cats during Dental Treatments with Our Veterinarian in Las Vegas

Cats under anesthesia are carefully monitored by a veterinary assistant throughout the entire anesthetic time and are connected to equipment that continuously monitors their vital signs (blood pressure, blood oxygen, pulse rate). 

 In addition to eliminating pain and stress, anesthesia for cats also allows your Las Vegas cat veterinarian to scale tartar off all sides of each tooth, examine back teeth and oral tissue and probe for signs of feline periodontitis.

Nearly three out of every four cats seen by a veterinarian suffers from tooth resorption, a type of tooth decay causing holes in teeth at the gum lines.  Probing the teeth and the area just under the gum line is crucial to find evidence of tooth resorption.  Since this procedure can be uncomfortable for the patient and requires detailed inspection, anesthetizing cats is essential for detecting and initiating treatment for tooth resorption.

Caring for Your Cat's Oral Health at Home

In addition to having your cat examined by a veterinarian every year for a complete check-up, pet owners should inspect their pet's teeth regularly for signs of discoloration, bad breath and reddened gums. Brushing your pet's teeth a least once a week is recommended for preventing build-up of plaque and tartar. Once your pet's teeth exhibit calcified tartar, which appears as yellow to brown staining near the gum line, brushing won't be able to remove the stains. Instead, stains will need removed by a veterinarian under anesthesia.

Learn More about Dental Treatments for Cats with Our Las Vegas Veterinarian

To schedule an appointment for your cat to receive a dental cleaning and exam from a Las Vegas cat veterinarian, please call All About Cats Veterinary Hospital today at 702-257-3222.  

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