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Dr. Terri Koppe, Dr. Alissa Lansing (McCormick),

Dr. Laura Klaassen and  Dr. Ashley Love

all about cats

Dr. Terri Koppe



I grew up in Las Vegas, and my earliest memory of wanting to be a vet is from 6th grade career day. We were asked to choose two classes to attend that matched our career interests.  I was so sure I was going to become a vet that I chose the "Becoming a Veterinarian" class, and just to have fun for the second class, I chose the "Cartoon Making" class. Good thing the veterinary thing worked out! 

I attended Valley High School right here in Las Vegas and received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology from UNLV.  I then ventured to the Midwest to Columbus, Ohio to The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine and graduated in 1992. Home is where the heart is and I returned to Las Vegas and practiced small animal medicine including dogs, cats, and exotics from 1992 to 1998, narrowing my focus to cat-only practice in 1998.

I have always felt a special love for cats and had a vision of a feline-only facility built specifically to cater to the comforts and needs of cats and their owners. My family and I poured our heart and soul into designing and building "All About Cats Veterinary Hospital" and we proudly opened in October of 2001.

I always get asked "Why just cats?" My answer is...if you could concentrate on the 20% of your job that you love the most, and just do that, wouldn't you? That's what working with cats was for me, it was my favorite part of being a veterinarian, and continues to be. My biggest sadness is that cats get a bad rap. In regular dog/cat practice, cats are a minority of the patients seen, they usually behave badly out of fear, are misunderstood and often mishandled. In a feline-only environment, they are among friends who understand.

I am currently managing All About Cats Veterinary Hospital and am closely involved in the daily operation of the hospital and in the treatment of our patients and boarders. I also perform advanced surgeries and have a special interest in endoscopy. I am so fortunate to have an exceptional team and am inspired by their dedication to the care of the patients and their owners every day.

I enjoy spending time with my family which also includes my three cats "Squirt," "Ernie" and "Tipsy" (all pictured in their ready-for-breakfast pose). I guess I have to finally admit that I am indeed a "Cat Lady," but I will continue to fight the "crazy" part!  

Dr. Alissa Lansing (McCormick)

all about cats

I grew up in the Midwest and attended veterinary school at Michigan State University, graduating in 2004. I then practiced small animal medicine which included dogs, cats and exotics for three years in North Carolina. During those years I developed a preference for cats and an interest in specializing in feline medicine and surgery. I joined "All About Cats Veterinary Hospital" in 2007 to pursue that interest.

While growing up I had many pets including dogs, cats, fish and birds. However, my passion was working with horses, and I trained and rode competitively for over ten years. Since moving to Las Vegas, my animal family has downsized to include my Rhodesian Ridgeback "Rio" who on a daily basis tries to convince all around her that she was born to be a lap dog, and my handsome cat "Aslan" more often referred to as "Meatball." Recently "Meatball" has been caught practicing his soccer moves with a tennis ball, but denies all accusations of such uncat-like behavior. He always claims to have been sleeping despite eyewitness accounts. 

 Dr. Laura Klaassen

I was born and raised here in Las Vegas and after living here for 18 years I wanted to experience a new adventure. I packed up all my things and drove to the Pacific Northwest to attend college at Oregon State University receiving my Bachelor of Science in Zoology. Continuing the adventure, I moved again. This time to Colorado where I graduated from Colorado State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 2016.

All my family members are "cat people" each one owning up to four cats! Growing up, our house was not a home without a cat there to give it character and spunk. I currently have one cat named Patches (pictured) who was found outside abandoned by her mother with the rest of her litter. Patches has traveled with me from Oregon, Colorado, and now home to Las Vegas where we both will enjoy less rain and snow.

I worked at All About Cats Veterinary Hospital during a summer of my undergraduate years and fell in love. I have always connected more with the feline variety and knew focusing my career on this amazing species was truly what I wanted. I love helping cats and their people live a happy life together.

Dr. Ashley Love

I grew up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I first moved out of Philadelphia to attend Delaware Valley University for my undergraduate courses. During those years I developed a love for traveling, very much enjoying the experience that visiting new places and learning new cultures brings. This turned in to a passion that lead me to move to Glasgow, Scotland to attend the University of Glasgow to obtain my veterinary degree. 

Immediately after graduation in 2010, having already visited over 20 different countries, I moved back to Pennsylvania and started my veterinary career with Emergency medicine. I then moved to Las Vegas in 2012 to take another ER position.

Although I have always had an affinity for cats, as my experience grew in the veterinary field, I felt myself drawn toward making sure that my feline patients in particular were understood. I decided to pursue feline medicine so I can develop a deeper connection with my patients and their owners, and joined All About Cats in 2017.

I currently live with four felines: Nimbus, Roxy, Napoleon and Dalton. Nimbus traveled with me from Pennsylvania to Las Vegas. He misses the snow, but enjoys spending most of the day watching floats move around in the pool. 

 I am so happy to be a part of the team at All About Cats and I look forward to meeting your feline loved ones.